for pressurized lines, clean and row water

The flow measurement systems S101F and 200H consist of a digital converter and two ultrasonic clamp-on or insertion transducers. The transit time of a fluid inside a pipe with a cylindrical section is the operating principle on which the instrument is based to calculate the value of the instantaneous flow rate. DSP technology Digital Signal Processing technology (DSP), ensures low sensitivity of the system to any potential disturbing factors. The pipe dimensions may vary from 20 to 4000 mm (by using different transducers) while liquids can be: ultra-pure, drinking water, chemicals, dirty water, cooling water, river water etc. As far as the transducers are applied externally to the pipe, are not in contact with the liquid and have no moving parts, the transmitter will not be damaged by wear, deposits or pressure. All the configuration values entered by user are saved on the EEPROM, which is password protected to prevent accidental changes.

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