devices are instruments for level measurement without contact with the product. The radar pulses emitted by the antenna are relected from the surface of the product and subsequently received by the antenna itself. The integrated management system of the RPL devices uses the flight time to obtain the distance of the surface of the product from the probe and, consequently, the level.


  • Continuous level measurement without contact of solids, liquids, pastes and sludges
  • Measurement independent from physical features variations of the product
  • Dust, vapours and temperature variations do not interfere with measurement
  • Coniguration with guided menu using the alphanumeric display
  • 2/4 wires technology


The instrument emits high frequency pulses. The “GODA” measuring technique, combined with the management system, allows the RWL units to be used even in particularly demanding process conditions such as: high temperature, high pressure, low dielectric constant etc.


Continuous measurement of dust levels on solid materials of variable consistency and liquids (dust, vapours and temperature variations do not interfere with the measurement)
Available probes:

  • rope probes for measuring loose solids, measuring range up to 30 m
  • rod probes in particular for measuring liquids, measuring range up to 6m
  • coaxial probes for liquid products, measuring range up to 6m

Configuration with guided menu and calibration by means of entering the empty and full distances without product movement, through alphanumeric display

Storage and recognition system of false signals

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