Oxysmart is a control algorithm.

It is based on the assumption, verified in a first approximation, that it is possible, in a civil treatment plant, to monitor the incoming load by controlling the concentration of ammonia nitrogen.

Loaded on a 50 Series Controller, this algorithm transforms the control unit into a system capable to manage compressors, inverters and mixers, to optimize the process and adapt it to load variations.

The 50Series Oxysmart is installed at the poolside and is operative from the start. The logic is adaptable to any plant, regardless of the electromechanical equipment, but, however, optimizing the operation.

The oxygen setpoint is varied in a continuous manner according to the load detected by the ammonia-ion selective probe Chemitec S470/NH4 and its abatement.

The Chemitec S423/C/OPT oxygen probe is responsible for monitoring the achievement of the imposed target.


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