Monitors up to 50 water quality parameters via web for up to 30 instruments. Reports Download Alerts via e-mail for exceeding maximum / minimum thresholds of the monitored parameters. Produces trend graphs of the parameters in electronic format. Can produce historical trends reports and an event log and alarm history.

Instant user interface

Thanks to a constant control of all functionality parameters and to a frequent update, Chemitec Web allows the Customer to view the trend of the monitored variables of plant using the trend graphs. Typically these cover the trend of the analysis, flow rates and levels. These variables are always available in time with an immediate buffer of at least 30 days, and a history buffer from plant commissioning of 50000 records. The data will always be available from a PC via Web, Smartphone and Tablet.

The communication gateway connects to the field devices through different connection methods: RS-232/485 serial ports, ASCII or Modbus RTU. The gateway sends the data to the cloudbased data center via Ethernet or a GSM / GPRS cellular network. 

Quick and easy setup

Wherever your equipment is in the field simply connect it to the gateway, and you'll be able to access real-time data on-line via a normal web browser. The plug-&-play functionality allows you to perform large installations in minutes.

Technical features

Communication Gateway comes with automatic connectivity Support for GPRS Quad band communication or Ethernet communication device connectivity via RS232 and RS485 serial ports. It is extendable through add-in boards dedicated to instrumentation with an analogue output ( 4…20mA) and equipment with digital outputs (ON-OFF status, alarm, etc.). A temperature sensor is integrated. There are status LED for diagnostics.

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