Models Applications
Stingray water level, velocity, and temperature in open channels and partially filled pipes
S101F clean and raw water, non conductive liquids in pressurized pipes
4204 L/U controller for ultrasonic or piezometric sensors
S425C ultrasonic level , for liquid in not pressurized tanks
METER compact ultrasonic level, for liquid in not pressurized tanks
RPL radar microwave level, for liquid in heavy and industrial applications
RWL guided microwave level, for liquid and solids in industrial applications
KPL piezometric level , for clean liquids in not pressurized tanks, wells and boreholes
Series 36 XKY piezometric level , for dirty liquids in not pressurized tanks
Series 36 X S (STRAIT LINE) piezometric level, for little boreholes diameters
Series 36 X W piezometric level, high accuracy and digital outputs

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