UV Toc Meter

The UV TOCMeter is a continuous analyzer for the determination of total carbon (TC), total organic carbon (TOC) or dissolved organic carbon (DOC) according to the US-EPA Standard Method 5310C. By using the UV-Persulfate method provides highly accurate measurements of TOC in the low ranges (up to 1 ppb for pure water), for drinking water and surface water.

A typical application is the continuous monitoring of critical phases of industrial processes to ensure the safety of production processes and to guarantee the quality of the produced goods. Typical users are the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food, electronics, but also the untreated wastewater.

Analytical method

The untreated sample is mixed with the carrier gas (air) and the oxidation reagent (Sodium Persulfate) and then conveyed through the UV reactor.

The CO is measured in a NDIR-Detector (Non Dispersive Infrared Detector) and displayed as TC content in ppm C or mg/L C.


For the determination of TOC / DOC it is used direct method or more precisely the NPOC method (Non Purgeable Organic Carbon). To measure the NPOC content, sample analysis is performed in a multi-step process. The sample flows continuously into the analyzer. In the first phase the sample is acidified with sulphuric acid to reach a pH value < 2 and purged with gas to remove the inorganic carbon.

During this phase, the "purgeable" carbon potentially existing (POC) is removed. From this point the sample consists of "not purgeable" organic carbon (NPOC).

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