Color Tec

It consists of two sections, hydraulic/analytical and electronics. These two sections are separated from each other so as to ensure efficiency and durability of all the parts

User Interface (HMI)

The user interface consists of an industrial PC with touch screen.

Software & Functions

The control software, simple and intuitive, allows the immediate understanding of all the commands and functions. It is possible to perform measurements at programmed intervals, at a specific time or at an external event. The software archives and makes available in graphical form all the measurements. The instrument is designed for connection to an existing LAN.

Phases of the measuring cycle

The analyzer automatically reproduces the colorimetric determination, as well as carried out in the laboratory, according to the following steps:

Emptying of the reading cell The cell is emptied by use of an air pump

Zero measurement The fresh sample is inputted and the instrument performs a first reading of the sample as received (or, if required by the methodology, with the addition of reagents) to acquire the photometric Zero.

Emptying of the reading cell The cell is emptied again

Colouring reagent(s) and sample dosing

Depending on the specific methodology, one or more colorimetric reagents fare dosed

Absorbance measurement and calculation of the concentration Reading of light intensity value of the coloured liquid after proper mixing of the reagents

Emptying, rinsing of the hydraulic circuit and of the measuring cell The reading cell is emptied and flushed with cleaning water together with the entire hydraulic circuit. At the end the reading cell will be left full of clean water until the next measurement.

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