The analytical procedure is used for spring waters, groundwater, water from rivers and lakes and water destined for human consumption after an appropriate treatment. The method can be applied to samples with the base color similar to that of the platinum - cobalt reference solution (yellow - brown). The color of a water is generally given by organic substances, such as humic and fulvic acids (to which a yellow - brown coloring may be assigned) or by salts of some metals such as iron, copper and magnese. Observing the light transmitted through a thickness of a few meters, the color of water is of course variable in blue shades. The presence of colored foreign substances causes a variation of color in infinite shades. The apparent color, due to substances dissolved and suspended into the water, must be distinguished from the real one, only due to dissolved substances.

User Interface (HMI)

Programming keypad with 4 bubble-keys STN 128x64 pixels backlit graphic LCD, to display measurements (simultaneous of 4 values + trend line), digital output status, storage status, faults, photometric measurement

Software & Functions

Data Logger (optional) of Circular (F.I.F.O.) or Filling type on internal 4 Mbit Flash memory equal to16000 records, with recording interval from 1 to 99 min. Data display in graphical and tabular form (1 for each parameter). RS485 Serial Output (optional) (opto-isolated) for setup and remote real time acquisition or for downloading the stored data on a portable or desktop PC (using dedicated software), through MODBUS RTU communication protocol at programmable speed 1200 ÷ 38400 Baud Rate.

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