Developed by Chemitec for industrial applications, it is equipped with an output for proportional control, control functions of the probe conditions and other various outputs. The user has full control of the programming.

User Interface (HMI)

Programming keypad with 5 bubble-keys for calibration and instrument configuration with:
– GRAPH key to display the stored data in tabular and graphic form.
Monochromatic display 128 x 64 pixel with graphic icons to display the status of the digital output, the recording data, the wash cycle and the alarm. Scrolling output values.

Software & Functions

Manual controls thanks to the intuitive programming menu it is very easy to start and control the dosing system.
Data Logger of Circular (F.I.F.O.) or Filling type on an internal flash memory with a recording interval of 1 to 99 min. (about 16000 records).
RS485 Serial Port for set-up and remote real time acquisition or for downloading the stored data on a portable or desktop PC (using dedicated software), through MODBUS RTU communication protocol.
USB Port to download measurement data directly on a removable PEN DRIVE memory (on request).
Analog Input for perturbative functions (interactions between two parameters).
Digital Input for disabling of dosage or comand for washing from remote.
Temperature compensation through PT100 sensor with 3 or 4 wires, or PT 1000
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