Phases of the measuring cycle

  • Entry of the sample in the measuring cell for washing/priming
  • First measurement on the sample as is (Photometric Zero)
  • Reagent addition using the peristaltic pump
  • Development of the reaction through stirring
  • >
  • Reading of the colour (Absorbance) the differential measurement between the Zero and the Absorbance is processed by the electronic processor and converted into a concentration value, using specific correlation tables developed in our laboratories

The electronic controller displays the measured substance in mg/L and provides whether or not to activate the dosing components designed to control or correct it. The operating and maintenance costs are very low and, above all, the system calibration is performed automatically at each measuring cycle.

User Interface (HMI)

Programming keypad with 4 bubble-keys STN 240x128 backlit graphic LCD to display measurements (simultaneous measurement and temperature parameter + trend line), digital output status, storage status, faults, photometric measurement phase.

Software & Functions

Data logger of Circular (F.I.F.O.) or Filling type, on an internal 4 Mbit flash memory, equal to 16000 records, with a recording interval from 1 to 99 min. RS485 serial output for set-up and Real Time status from remote or to download stored data on a PC or laptop (using dedicated software), via MODBUS RTU communication protocol. Digital input for disabling dosages

Application fields

Industrial applications include the analysis of drinking and waste water as well as the analysis of food products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals etc.

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