User Interface (HMI)


3037 – 3022

Programming keypad with 5 bubble-keys for instrument calibration and configuration with single keys [ESC] [#][MODE]["][CAL]

Graphic display 128 by 128 pixel resolution monochrome display with graphic icons to show digital output status, washing cycle, alarms menu.


Software & Functions


Current outputs 4÷20mA

One programmable Output Measures with Proportional routine regulation.

Relay Outputs

Two independent relays, two set points, alarm remote and back washing probe setting by software.

On/OFF, Timed routine function setting.

Solid State Relay (SSR)

One Frequency output signal, two set points with Proportional routine regulation.


Enclosure Box

Wall mounting ABS plastic material IP65 full box (144x144x122)

Panel mounting ABS IP65 front panel only (96x96x42)


Power Supply

Universal Power Supply 100‐240 Vac 50/60 Hz

Low power supply 12‐32Vdc o 24 Vac

CE Compliant

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